Sanitary and Easy to Clean

Countersync fabricates custom solid surface walk-in showers by hand. Solid surface brands like DuPont Corian and LG Hi-Macs are completely nonporous, which means there are no microscopic gaps where germs, bacteria, or mold can grow. Countersync’s solid surface showers are completely nonporous and seamless after installation. Nonporous, seamless surfaces are ideal in bathrooms because there is no grout to harbor germs, mold, or mildew. Solid surface showers and vanities are easily maintained, all it takes to clean is warm, soapy water. Learn more about how to care for your solid surface.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Each solid surface shower Countersync creates is custom made to fit your individual needs.  While most of the showers Countersync has installed are custom walk-in showers, different edge options are available to make your shower fit your needs. Starting with a solid, one-piece shower pan, choose a no drip edge, a slope, or no edge. From there, glass walls and doors, benches, recessed shelves, corner shelves, caddies, and cubbies can be chosen to create the perfect shower. For ideas on how to customize solid surface showers, check out the gallery below.

Accessible Corian Showers

The customizable nature of solid surface showers means that your individual needs can be met. The solid, one-piece, non-slip shower pan can be made with a no drip edge, an ADA approved edge, a slope, or no edge. Benches, recessed shelves, corner shelves, handheld shower wands, grab bars, and almost anything else you need can be added to make an accessible shower just for you.

Ideal for those with Mobility Needs

Solid surface showers are also ideal for seniors and those with mobility needs. There are options available for roll-in shower pans, benches, grab bars, handheld shower heads and wands, easy-reach shelves for soaps, and shelves for towels just out of the water’s reach. These options allow the shower to be cleaner, safer, and more comfortable. For more information on customizing a shower to fit specific needs, please contact us at 706-828-7544 or visit our showroom at 2014 Westside Court in Augusta, GA.

Coordinate Showers and Vanities

For a total bathroom redesign, don't stop with the shower! Matching or coordinating solid surface bathroom vanities with seamless, integrated sinks will complete the perfect space. Just like your solid surface shower, your new bathroom countertop will also be seamless and able to withstand the moist environment of a bathroom without growing mold or mildew. Let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Things to Consider

Choosing the best material to use when planning for your safe, accessible, custom shower is important. Here are the biggest factors you should consider when trying to decide.

  • It should have an easy entrance
  • The surface should be easy to clean
  • It should have a pleasing appearance
  • The surface should be durable
  • It should have a non-slip floor
  • It should be water resistant
  • It should have space for a wheelchair and/or a caregiver if necessary

Countersync’s Corian solid surface showers meet all the criteria. Solid surface is used in hospitals and in the food service industry because of the material’s non-porous properties, which make it a sanitary surface. Want to learn more about solid surface? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

How It's Made

Countersync showers are built from the floor up to make your perfect solid surface shower. All of Countersync’s showers start with a custom solid surface shower pan made of Corian. Corian shower pans are custom made to fit exactly to your space; other brands of solid surface either don’t make shower pans or they only have them available in certain sizes.

With a Corian shower pan, the custom options continue to the walls. No matter what brand of solid surface you choose for the walls, your shower will be seamless. Corian shower walls are the most common choice at Countersync so that the shower floors and walls match in color and pattern, but solid surface shower walls can be made in nearly any color or pattern from any of the brands of solid surface Countersync carries.

Much like the shower pans, shower caddies that can be integrated seamlessly are not made by all brands of solid surface. If you want your shower storage to match your walls, a good alternative to integrated shower caddies are corner shelves that can be made from the same wall material.


Try DuPont Corian's "My Room Designer" tool. This interactive display allows you to mix and match the colors of DuPont Corian solid surface material with wall colors, floor colors, and cabinet colors in photos of kitchens and bathrooms. The My Room Designer tool is very useful as a starting point for your design. It's fun to use, too! Visit to get started.

Take a look at some of Countersync's previous bathroom work in the pictures below. Solid surface showers and vanities are made to your preferences and needs, which make each project completely custom.