Kitchen Must-Have #1

We choose to work with solid surface because it is the best material available. And we love when the products we work with feature in must-have lists. One of our favorite sources to quote is a Yahoo! Homes article by Jennifer Berry. She lists solid surfaces as the number 1 must-have for kitchens!

This local kitchen made the switch from laminate to solid surface!

"Must-Have #1: Solid Surface Countertops

Chances are if your kitchen counters are covered with tile, laminate - or something worse - you're itching to rip them out.

For a sleek and modern upgrade, consider solid surface countertops. According to [Kevin Scalir, general contractor and CEO of Stonebrook Design Build], this is the number one "must-have" requested in the kitchen remodels his company handles.

And it's easy to see why: Beyond giving a clean look to kitchens, solid surface countertops come in a wide variety of colors and materials. No matter what look you're going for, chances are there's a solid surface countertop that will deliver it."

To see Jennifer Berry's full article on the seven must-haves for modern kitchen renovations, please click here.

We carry the top brands of solid surfaces including Corian, Hi-Macs, Meganite, and Wilsonart. With hundreds of colors to choose from, there is a great chance you will find a color you love. Solid surface is a quality material that will help make your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

The nonporous nature of solid surfaces make them easy to clean and maintain. Whether it's fruit punch or red wine, solid surfaces can handle the spills and wipe up clean.

Remember, to keep any type of countertop looking new, use cutting boards and hot pads to avoid damage. But one of the great things about solid surface countertops is that they are repairable! If you do end up with damage. Whether the damage is a scorch mark from a hot cast iron pan or a scratch from a spouse's DIY project, it can be fixed and still look like new!

To see the colors of solid surface we carry, please see our Colors Post. And if you're looking for some kitchen inspiration, take a look at some of the projects we have completed on our Countertops Page!

Countersync Jingle Video

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Solid surface showers and countertops from Countersync really are seamless! That means you don't have to scrub grout that can harbor mold or mildew. The surface itself doesn't promote the growth of bacteria, which makes this product ideal for spaces that need to be sanitary. With just warm soapy water, anything sitting on the surface of the material can be wiped away, saving you on cleaning time. Solid surface really is solid value!

With hundreds of color options, Countersync is able to create a wide range of styles to fit your space. Come by our showroom just off of Riverwatch and see how Countersync can help you create a beautiful custom shower or countertop to fit your style and needs!