How Does The "Request A Quote" Feature From Countersync Work?

Our Request A Quote form is designed so that you can easily get an idea on what your project will cost before you set foot in our showroom. We require some basic contact information to make sure you're not a robot and so that we can get in touch with you regarding your quote if necessary.

We will send your quote to you through email. Please note that we do not have an emailing list. We require your email only to contact you regarding your project and quote.

While there are a lot of uses for solid surface material, the two sections we include on our form are for countertops and showers. For quotes on any other applications not covered in our Request A Quote form, please call or email us.


We start out asking what your countertops are going to be used for. This lets us know what to expect when we look at your measurements and pictures and help give us an idea of your space. This also allows us to know what type of sink to include in our quote. Not only would a stainless steel kitchen sink not look good in your bathroom vanity, it would make your quote inaccurate.

We know from experience that countertops come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a couple of basic shapes that cover most countertops. We ask you to choose the diagram that best resembles your countertops and provide us with your measurements. If you don't see a shape that looks like your countertops, you can send us a photo or describe them for us in the provided box.

Your measurements allow us to determine how much solid surface material your project requires. It is important to note that we will not build any countertop based solely on the measurements you provide us. For every project, we come to your project location and do a precise measurement before we fabricate your countertops. The measurements you provide us on our Request A Quote feature help us figure out how much material is needed for your project and allows us to determine an approximate quote for your project.

After inserting your measurements, we ask you to choose a backsplash and the number and type of sink you want. We include our standard 3-inch backsplash for free. A full height backsplash or a coved backsplash are an additional cost, and this would be reflected on the quote we send you.

The number and type of sinks you want also help us determine your price. Our most common sinks are our integrated solid surface sinks for vanities and kitchens and stainless steel kitchen sinks.

If you have any other information you'd like us to know about your countertops, there is a box at the end of the section for you to write it in.

Showers and Tub Surrounds

Solid surface material allows us to create custom sized shower pans that match the solid surface walls. This creates a non-porous, seamless shower that has no grout to harbor mold or mildew. We are able to use the same material around tubs. Whether you have a garden tub that needs a small surround or you have a standard tub that needs shower walls, we're able to create your tub surround seamlessly.

Our custom shower pans are made to your needs. We have several different entrance options you can choose from, including a flush, floor level entrance. All of our shower pans are made with a non-slip floor.

Other options you can have in your custom solid surface shower are grab bars, benches, shower shelves, and shower caddies. If you have any additional needs or more information about your shower or tub surround you'd like to share with us, there is a box at the end of the section for you to write in your comments.

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Preparing for Install - What to Expect When Your Countertops/Shower Are Installed

Prepping to have your brand new, custom fabricated solid surface countertops installed is an exciting process. But for many people, the idea of having their countertops installed is daunting. We've collected some of our most frequently asked installation questions here and provided answers to help you get ready for your new countertops!

Q: What should be considered when planning for my countertop or shower replacement?

PLUMBING | You will need to consider replacing your sink, faucet, food disposal, and hot water dispenser. The seals for each can be damaged when disconnected (which can cause leaks). We will be glad to assist you with any new fixtures and include these in your project contract. However, if you decide to reuse any existing plumbing fixtures, we will make every effort to prevent damage during disconnection. However, we cannot be held responsible if any damage occurs.

Reconnection of all plumbing fixtures is to be done after your new countertop or shower has been installed. Be prepared to have the water to your home (or at least the portion of your home that we are working on) shut off during and after the countertop or shower installation. The condition of the plumbing in your kitchen or bath will dictate what has to happen for the installation to proceed. A licensed plumbing contractor must perform plumbing connections. We will be glad to make plumbing arrangements for you.

APPLIANCES | Now is a good time to consider whether or not to replace your cooking appliance. If you elect to reuse an existing cooktop, the new countertop will be cut to fit that appliance. If you decide to change your cooktop after the new countertops are installed, the countertop will probably require modifications or replacement, which will be an additional charge at that time.

Some work must be done by another licensed professional. Cooking units that are wired directly will need to be disconnected and reconnected by a licensed electrician. Gas appliances must be disconnected and reconnected by a licensed plumber or appliance installer. The disconnecting of cooking appliances will need to be done before your existing countertops are removed and reconnection will need to be done after the new countertop is installed. Keep in mind that if we have to disconnected, we will turn off the circuit that controls this unit.

REMOVAL OF EXISTING COUNTERTOPS | Existing countertops must be removed before installation can begin. We are glad to provide this service for you and include this in your project contract. If you elect to handle this yourself, the existing tops must be removed before our installers arrive with the new ones.

Q: What is included in the purchase of my countertop/shower replacement?

The quote you signed states your selections and the exact work to be performed. Only work that is specified in your quote is included. Anything not specified in your quote is not included. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: What happens after I have made the purchase of my countertop replacement?

Countersync will work with you to schedule a measurement appointment and/or template appointment, if required, for your new countertops and/or shower. Once we have correct measurements, supplies, and information, your project is released for production. Production of your countertops and/or shower typically takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on the material and complexity of the project. This is an estimate, not a guarantee. Once your countertops and/or shower are completed, we will schedule installation.

Q: What do I need to know to prepare for the installation of my new countertops/shower?

Once your countertops/shower have been fabricated, we will contact you to schedule the installation. Installation usually occurs on a weekday between 8am-4pm, excluding holidays. While every effort is made to complete installation the same day, complex installations might require you to be without the full use of your kitchen overnight. Be prepared for your home's water to be shut off during and after the countertop/shower installation. The condition of plumbing at the areas where we are working will dictate what has to happen.

If you have not arranged for us to remove your existing countertops and to disconnect your plumbing fixtures and appliances, this must be done before our installers arrive. Please remove all items from your current countertop before our installers arrive the day of the installation.

During installation, a substantial number of trips will be made from an outside work area to the actual work area. It is necessary to plan a path that the installer can use. The path must be sufficient in size for carrying large pieces of countertop without having to maneuver around tight corners. The installation of your countertops/shower may require the installer to trim the countertops/shower walls at the job site to ensure the best possible fit. These procedures are usually performed outside in a driveway. It is necessary that the homeowner provide such a place with ample coverage when the weather does not permit work outdoors. While most on-site fabrication is done outside the home, it may be necessary to do some in the actual work area.

Q: If I plan to paint or wallpaper this area, when should this be done?

Please wait to apply paint or wallpaper until after Countersync has completed your project install. Anytime a heavy and rigid countertop/shower is installed, some wall scuffing will probably occur as the installer works to ensure a good fit.

Q: Do fixtures and appliances need to be on-site at the time of installation?

Yes, it is important to have the faucet fixtures and appliances at the job site at the time of installation.

Q: Could there possibly be any additional cost to me above and beyond the original project contract?

Yes, if you request any changes or additions to the original project, proposal, and contract. There may also be an additional cost if any unforeseen issues arise, as in any remodel project. Any additional cost that may occur due to unforeseen issues can be handled by the homeowner or contracted with Countersync.

Q: What type of finish should I expect on my countertops?

All solid surface manufacturers, such as DuPont and LG, etc. recommend that their countertops have a lustrous matte finish. This is a nice finish with a beautiful sheen that will last for years to come. 

We are commonly asked if a high gloss finish is achievable. Our answer is yes, but we do charge an additional fee due to the additional time and labor this takes our fabricators and installers. This finish will need more upkeep and will not last. Since all solid surface products are non-porous, nothing is going into the surface. It's like waxing and polishing your car - to maintain that shine you have to keep polishing!

Q: Upon installation, is there anything else I should be aware of?

Yes, anytime a heavy and rigid countertop is installed, some wall scuffing will occur. We do everything possible to minimize this, but please be aware that some touch-up may be needed at the responsibility of the homeowner.

Remember that this is a remodel of your home! Unforeseen problems can and may occur. We will not panic and neither should you, as we conduct numerous countertop and shower projects every year! You can trust us to complete the project to your liking and satisfaction!

Every customer has survived, and you will too. Although remodel projects take you out of your daily routine and can be stressful at times, you can trust that you are working with experienced professionals!