What Is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface products come from one of the oldest and most natural minerals on earth, bauxite clay. Its beginnings are as natural as they can be. Bauxite is combined with acrylic resin and color pigments to create solid sheets of material, which are then transformed into a wide range of surfaces by certified solid surface fabricators.

The result is a versatile material with a clean and elegant look, ready for use throughout the home. Solid surface countertops are perfect for the kitchen, with the ability to include seamless built-in sinks, heat-resistant trivets, and drain boards. Solid surface is also perfect for a multitude of uses in the bathroom, with the ability to fabricate vanity tops, tubs, tub and shower surrounds, wall cladding, built-in shelving, flooring, moldings, and window sills. Solid surface is also widely used in hospitals and medical facilities. It is NSF approved for use in commercial kitchens.

Solid surface material is completely seamless after installation, with no need for grout. It is fully non-porous with no fissures and does not require sealing. The chemical composition of the material does not support the growth of mold or mildew, and with no seams or fissures for germs to hide in, solid surface is a very hygienic surface choice.

Solid surface is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe over with a damp cloth and soap is able to clean up most kitchen messes, and it is safe to use bleach products to quickly and easily sanitize and remove germs. The surface is both stain and chemical resistant and extremely durable. Should damage occur, solid surface countertops are easily repairable. Chips, scratches, and even years of wear and tear can quickly be refinished away by an expert fabricator.

Solid surface material is smooth and cool to the touch, but not cold like a stone product would be. One of the many benefits of solid surface is that the wide variety of colors and patterns available are all consistent and homogenous throughout each piece of material. This allows us to create countertops that are truly seamless after installation and customized to fit your unique kitchen or bathroom aesthetic. 

Each solid surface countertop or shower is machined by expert fabricators using woodworking techniques and a true commitment to craftsmanship. Visit our new showroom at 2014 Westside Court to see for yourself why Countersync has won Best Countertops in the CSRA five years in a row!