How Does The "Request A Quote" Feature From Countersync Work?

Our Request A Quote form is designed so that you can easily get an idea on what your project will cost before you set foot in our showroom. We require some basic contact information to make sure you're not a robot and so that we can get in touch with you regarding your quote if necessary.

We will send your quote to you through email. Please note that we do not have an emailing list. We require your email only to contact you regarding your project and quote.

While there are a lot of uses for solid surface material, the two sections we include on our form are for countertops and showers. For quotes on any other applications not covered in our Request A Quote form, please call or email us.


We start out asking what your countertops are going to be used for. This lets us know what to expect when we look at your measurements and pictures and help give us an idea of your space. This also allows us to know what type of sink to include in our quote. Not only would a stainless steel kitchen sink not look good in your bathroom vanity, it would make your quote inaccurate.

We know from experience that countertops come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a couple of basic shapes that cover most countertops. We ask you to choose the diagram that best resembles your countertops and provide us with your measurements. If you don't see a shape that looks like your countertops, you can send us a photo or describe them for us in the provided box.

Your measurements allow us to determine how much solid surface material your project requires. It is important to note that we will not build any countertop based solely on the measurements you provide us. For every project, we come to your project location and do a precise measurement before we fabricate your countertops. The measurements you provide us on our Request A Quote feature help us figure out how much material is needed for your project and allows us to determine an approximate quote for your project.

After inserting your measurements, we ask you to choose a backsplash and the number and type of sink you want. We include our standard 3-inch backsplash for free. A full height backsplash or a coved backsplash are an additional cost, and this would be reflected on the quote we send you.

The number and type of sinks you want also help us determine your price. Our most common sinks are our integrated solid surface sinks for vanities and kitchens and stainless steel kitchen sinks.

If you have any other information you'd like us to know about your countertops, there is a box at the end of the section for you to write it in.

Showers and Tub Surrounds

Solid surface material allows us to create custom sized shower pans that match the solid surface walls. This creates a non-porous, seamless shower that has no grout to harbor mold or mildew. We are able to use the same material around tubs. Whether you have a garden tub that needs a small surround or you have a standard tub that needs shower walls, we're able to create your tub surround seamlessly.

Our custom shower pans are made to your needs. We have several different entrance options you can choose from, including a flush, floor level entrance. All of our shower pans are made with a non-slip floor.

Other options you can have in your custom solid surface shower are grab bars, benches, shower shelves, and shower caddies. If you have any additional needs or more information about your shower or tub surround you'd like to share with us, there is a box at the end of the section for you to write in your comments.

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