Hi-Macs Colors

The current colors of Hi-Macs are listed below in alphabetical order. Please note that this list will be updated according to the availability of colors.

The new 2018 colors of Himacs are: Alabaster, Cobblestone, Diamond Dust, Edessa, Ferrara, Frostine, Glacial, Glitz, Strato Cloud, Strato Sand, Strato Wind, and Vathi.

If available, descriptions of each color from the manufacturer are provided.

LG Himacs divides their colors into several different Collections. Each Collection, as described by LG Himacs, is listed below.

  • Never Compromise Collection: Stunning arrays of classic but compelling shades ranging from pearly whites to deep, wavy browns, Himacs® Never Compromise casts stunning interior spaces.
  • Classic Collection: Soft or loud, subtle or staggering, Himacs® Classic's shades and particulate patterns will let your space speak in exciting and original ways.
  • Eden Plus Collection: Himacs® Eden Plus Solid Surfaces offer an environmentally sensitive choice with all the beauty and functionality of other solid surface materials. One of the most environmentally conscious acrylic products available, featuring up to 35% certified pre-consumer recycled material.
  • Volcanics Collection: Large translucent chips in Himacs® Volcanics Solid Surfaces create dazzling color options, giving your surface breathtaking beauty, clarity, and depth.
  • Aster Collection: Introducing HI-MACS® Aster, the next dimension in solid surface. Out of this world colors are fused with large transparent chips to emphasize today's new quartz styles while maintaining all of the features and functionality of solid surface.
  • Marmo Collection: Introducing Himacs® Marmo, a contemporary solid surface that embodies the organic look of natural stone. A captivating combination of veined patterns and translucent chips, solid surface has never looked so natural.
  • Concrete & Breeze Collection: Like the traces of wind rolling in a wave of colors from the sky, Breeze is a warm, inviting cover to your home. The soft colors help to combine other finishing material such as wood, steel and concrete creating a delicate blend of styles. The soft marble pattern featuring tone-on-tone palettes adds subtle beauty with natural elegance in terms of design to the space. | Inspired by the urban, sublime and beauty found in buildings, Concrete breathes out an inexhaustible atmosphere of monochromatic beauty. Despite its raw appearance, soft colors and smooth surface pattern a touch of light while portrays the city reduced into a room - where life lifts from darkness and the warmth settles.
  • Builder Collection: To meet the needs of residential builders, the most popular colors in residential market have been carefully chosen to create a collection of affordable yet inspirational assortment of builder colors

To explore more about these colors from LG Himacs or to learn more about their product, please visit their website here.