Solid Surface Material Heat Resistance and Avoiding Damage

Have you ever taken a boiling hot pot of water, a hot baking sheet or a pan and accidentally placed it on your countertop? In the kitchen, there are always going to be times when accidents occur. What you may not know is that solid surface material, like DuPont Corian, has the ability to resist damage due to incidental heat. Many customers ask us if their new Countersync countertop is resistant to heat. While solid surface material does resist heat, we never recommend that our customers regularly put hot pots and pans directly onto their brand new Corian countertops. Hot contact every now and then will not create lasting damage to your countertop, but regular use of hot items directly onto the countertop could have an adverse effect over time. The biggest concern is temperature and how long the item sits on the countertop. To better illustrate this point, we've attached a video from DuPont Corian. Watch below!