How to Choose a Solid Surface Color

Spiritual Purple, Vitality Red, Sea Blue, Grape Green, Energy Orange, and Cheerful Yellow from Durasein

Spiritual Purple, Vitality Red, Sea Blue, Grape Green, Energy Orange, and Cheerful Yellow from Durasein

With solid surface, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. Picking colors can be difficult with such a wide variety. Here's what to consider.


Where are we installing your solid surfaces? Are they for commercial or residential use? 

In commercial use, considering where the surfaces will be is helpful in picking a color. For lobbies and reception desks, warm neutral colors can make your customers feel welcome and relaxed. Whether your business is retail, medical, or hospitality, customers are key. Creating a space that gives your customers a great first impression of you and your business is important. We'll help you pick a color that best fits your style and your space. And with so many colors to choose from, we can even coordinate with or match your company colors!

In residential use, color choice comes down to what color you love. Some customers match their countertops or shower to their existing decor. Other customers choose to update their room around their new solid surfaces. 

Remodels and new construction can make it difficult to choose a color. Without any other references for the room, it opens up the entire range of colors to choose from and it can be intimidating. We do our best to help our customers narrow it down to find a color they love and will continue to love.


If you have a budget, that's great! We'll work with you to try and help you pick something within your budget that you love. When we quote projects, we usually quote a low, medium, and high price. This helps you narrow down your color choices.

It's also helpful to keep in mind that this is a product that is made to last. Corian has been making solid surface for over 50 years. Some solid surfaces have lasted decades. The main reason these homeowners decide to change countertops is they got tired of looking at the same color for so long!

With a product that lasts, it's important to pick something you love, not just something you settle for. We see this in our customers who are dead set on a color that's out of their price range. You know a customer loves a color when they're willing to wait a few months while they save money just to get the color countertop they want!

Personal Preference

Choosing a color ultimately depends on what you love. In our showroom, we like to say if you pick the same color three different places in the showroom, that's your color. Choose a color you love without thinking about it too hard.

We do our best to help our customers choose a color that fits their space and their style. What it comes down to is what our customers love.

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How to Keep Your White Solid Surfaces White


One of the few things we hear about solid surface is that white countertops stain. Here's how that can happen and, more important, how to avoid it.

It is difficult to stain solid surfaces. This is because the material is nonporous and does not allow anything to sink into it. Superficial stains are possible if the material is repeatedly exposed to chemicals for long periods of time.

Corian, the original manufacturers of solid surface, have extensively tested their products. Their findings show that most chemicals "generally show no permanent effect on Corian sheet when left in contact for periods of 16 hours." This includes chemicals such as bleach, citric acid, vinegar, and acetone (nail polish remover) as well as food products such as tea, lemon juice, ketchup, coffee, food colouring, and tomato sauce. To see Corian's full results, please see their technical bulletin on chemical resistance.

And Corian's solid surface products are only getting stronger. With Corian's new Resilience Technology, Corian solid surface is even more resistant to stains and scratches and easier to repair. Take a look at their new technology in their video below.

To stain a solid surface product like Corian, you have to let something to sit on the material for a long period of time.

The way to prevent stains on light colored solid surfaces is to not let spills sit on them. Wipe up spills with warm soapy water and a soft sponge as soon as you see them and your countertops will stay looking like new for decades. Solid surfaces are made to endure, they just need to be cared for.

The good news is, if you do have a stain, solid surfaces are repairable! With a sand and polish, your solid surfaces can look like new because the color is all the way through the material.

To learn more about how to take care of your solid surfaces, take a look at our Care & Maintenance post!