Why Your Bathroom Needs a Solid Surface Shower

The applications for solids surfaces like Dupont’s Corian and LG’s Hi-Macs are endless, but one of our favorite uses for it is solid surface showers. At Countersync, we fabricate and install solid surface showers and tub surrounds in homes and businesses throughout the CSRA. When our customers experience the easy design and installation process and the ease of use and accessibility, they love their solid surface showers!

Here are the top reasons people in the CSRA love their Countersync solid surface showers:

Hygienic & Easy to Clean

Solid surfaces are naturally nonporous, and after install, they are completely seamless. These traits allow solid surface to withstand the moist environment of a bathroom to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, bacteria and fungi. Because they do not support the growth of germs, solid surfaces allow you to keep your cleaning time to a minimum.


Durable & Restorable

Solid surface is made to last. It is a tough, high density material with the color throughout the thickness of the surface. This allows solid surface to withstand the intensity of daily use and makes it easy to repair accidental damage after heavy wear and tear. Though unlikely, if your shower begins to show signs of wear and tear for any reason, the material can be easily sanded and refinished by our team so it looks brand new again.

Custom to Your Needs

Each solid surface shower is designed with your individual needs in mind, both present and future. We start with a solid, one-piece shower pan with a non-slip floor. You can choose from our standard no drip edge or ADA compliant barrier free ramp entries or floor level entries. You can also choose benches, corner shelves, recessed shelves, shower caddies, and shower cubbies to create your perfect shower.

Our expert fabricators create every solid surface project by hand in our Augusta workshop. In each shower we install, we make sure to reinforce your shower walls so that even if you don’t need it now, grab bars can be safely and securely installed later.

Handheld shower heads and wands are available to make your shower more accessible.

With so many options, our custom showers provide creative solutions for your ability needs and we are able to meet a wide variety of demands in terms of style and functionality.

Expert Craftsmanship

Each and every shower we install is fabricated by hand by our certified fabricators and installers locally in our Augusta workshop. Working with solid surface material involves considerable skill and care, and we take great pride in our craftsmanship and ability to meet design demands. Further, our installers are your local CSRA neighbors – we will treat your home like our own, removing all waste completely from your property and cleaning behind ourselves every step of the way. Our fabricators and installers are true professionals; they’re able to create solid surface showers that fit uneven walls like a glove and perform neat and tidy installations.

See more of our solid surface showers on our Showers page or on our Facebook page. We invite you to stop by our showroom at 2014 Westside Court in Augusta to explore the colors of Corian, Hi-Macs, and other top brands and see in person the many options for solid surface in your home or business. Or, to see the colors of Corian available for your showers, you can browse them here.