Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put hot pans on my solid surface countertop?
    • You should never put a hot pan on any countertop surface. We recommend always using trivets and hot pads to maintain your counters. That being said, accidental placement of pans up to about 375 degrees shouldn't cause irreparable damage so long as the pan isn't left on your solid surface countertop. One of the biggest manufacturers of solid surface, Dupont, has a great Youtube video that can show you the limits of Corian solid surface.
  • What do I do if my solid surface countertop or shower gets burned or scratched?
    • Small burns and scratches can be easily removed by buffing your solid surface using a damp ScotchBrite pad in large circular motions. More serious damage can be inconspicuously repaired by the certified installers at Countersync. To see how effectively small burns and scratches can be removed, check out this video from Dupont.
  • Can I cut directly on my solid surface countertop?
    • You really shouldn't cut on any countertop. If you do cut on your solid surface countertop, you could scratch it, but you will likely ruin your knife.
    • Will my solid surface countertop stain?
      • Solid surface is non-porous, so nothing can penetrate it. Surface stains may occur, but warm soapy water and a gentle cloth can be used to wipe them away.


    • How do I clean my solid surface countertops and showers?
      • Warm soapy water and a gentle cloth is the best way to clean your solid surface showers and countertops. For stubborn or dried spills, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner such as Countertop Magic or something similar. Because solid surface is non-porous, it's a sanitary surface that isn't going to harbor bacteria, mold, or mildew, so you don't have to use harsh, abrasive cleaners. We recommend avoiding abrasive cleaners altogether as they can damage your solid surface products.
    • How do I keep my solid surface looking like new?
      • Each surface has unique characteristics that affect the proper course of care and maintenance. Generally, use soapy water or non-ammonia-based cleaners, and rinse and dry to clean. Common sense, in terms of limiting surface exposure to excessive blunt force, scratching, heat, or chemicals is always advised. 
    • Will my new solid surface countertops and showers have warranties?
      • Most solid surface manufacturers have warranties that are ten years or longer.


    • How long will it take to have my countertops and/or shower fabricated and installed?
      • For countertops, once the cabinets have been installed and are ready to measure, it usually takes from one to three weeks for us to measure, fabricate, and install your countertops. For showers, once the previous shower or tub has been removed and the area is ready to measure, it usually takes from two to three weeks to measure, fabricate, and install your shower.
    • Will Countersync remove my old countertops and/or shower?
      • Yes, we will remove your old countertops. For showers and tubs, we work with contractors who will do the removal. If you already have a contractor, we can work with them.
    • Does Countersync do the entire remodel?
      • No, but we have contractors, electricians, and plumbers we can recommend to help you with your remodel. Our main goal is to fabricate and install solid surface countertops and showers that fit your space and needs.
    • Will Countersync redo my cabinets?
      • We can recommend some companies that can redo your cabinets, and once they're installed, we can measure, fabricate, and install your new countertops.
    • How do I prepare for the installation of my new solid surface?
      • Check out our blog post on this topic here.

    Installing solid surface is an investment, but if you care for it properly, your countertops and showers will always look brand new.