Flexibility in Design

Solid surface can be customized to fit your space, your needs, and your style.


At Countersync, we offer six different edge options for you to choose from for your solid surface countertops at no additional cost. These include our eased edges: 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" top and bottom round overs and our decorative edges: small ogee, reverse ogee, and beveled edge.

Countertop Options

For your kitchen counters, solid surface can be made to include built in heat rods that act as a trivet and built in drain boards next to sinks.

The individual metal rods for the built in trivet each have their own groove carved into the solid surface. Each rod fits snugly inside, but can be removed for easy cleaning. A built in trivet is a great way to avoid accidental heat damage to your countertops.

An integrated drainboard can be carved directly into your solid surface countertop. The example below is our favorite choice for a drain board pattern. 

Integrated Towel Bars

Solid surface material can be fabricated to include a towel bar at the end of your countertop. This option is available for kitchens and bathroom vanities!

Vanity Option

Integrated collared bowls are a great addition to a solid surface vanity. Paired with an integrated solid surface sink, it means that your vanity has no seams and no grout to grow mold or mildew. A collared bowl provides some added visual appeal to your vanity.