How Do You Make It Seamless? Sanding Corian Countertops

Many customers wonder how their solid surface countertops and showers can be seamless after installation. While it may seem like magic, completely nonporous solid surface countertops are made possible through the hard work and craftsmanship of our DuPont certified fabricators/installers here at Countersync. Watch the DuPont Corian video below to find out more about this unique process.

For more information on our process and to see a wide range of solid surface applications for your home (including countertops and seamless showers) please visit our beautiful new showroom at 2014 Westside Court in Augusta, GA. We are located just off Riverwatch Parkway between Interstate 20 and Stevens Creek Road. You can also see more before and after photos and engage with us on our Facebook page and Pinterest boards.