6 Reasons to Remodel Right Now

It’s a new year, and there’s a spirit of renewal and change in the air everywhere. There’s no reason why this can’t include your home as well! Winter is actually a perfect time for indoor home renovations, such as bathroom or kitchen updates and upgrades. Here are a few reasons to get renovating right now!

The holiday rush is finally over. The last two months have been full of activity and entertaining for most families. During the holiday season, there isn’t much time to think about anything else! Once school and work are back in session and ‘regular life’ resumes, space finally opens up on the calendar to tackle those projects and plans you haven’t had the time to work on.

Make your New Year’s resolution a reality. The quieter days of January are an excellent opportunity to take some time out and reflect on your goals for 2016. If a home renovation is on your list, don’t wait another moment to start getting your plans together! Get the ball rolling while you still have the New Year momentum and know you’ll have something crossed off your list in no time.

Your finances are back to normal. All the extra holiday expenses are accounted for and you now have a better idea of exactly what your renovation budget is. The extra good news is…

Renovations are cheaper in winter! January and February are typically the slowest months for contractors, and they will usually offer the best deals during winter. Your materials themselves are also often cheaper, because of the lower demand. Prices tend to rise in late spring ahead of the summer renovation rush.

There are no summer side effects. The lack of flying insects and sweltering heat at the moment means a better renovation experience for both yourself and your contractors!

And best of all… When the warmer weather appears, you can sit back and relax. You’ll have a fresh, new home all ready for the summer. All you need to do is enjoy it!

Not sure if a remodel is right for you? Check out this great video from www.CostVSValue.com!

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