Solid Surface Countertops Allow Unique Coved Backsplashes

One of the unique benefits to choosing solid surface for your countertops is the ability to create a coved backsplash.

A standard backsplash involves two pieces of material, with the backsplash sitting right on top of the countertop, adhered with 100% silicon. This is a wonderful backsplash and it is what we install in 90% of the kitchens we work in.

However, for an extra clean, elegant, and seamless look, we can create what is called a coved backsplash. This involves a third piece of material, which is placed in between the two standard pieces. All three pieces of solid surface are adhered together and then sanded until we have a seamless curve from countertop to backsplash. The end result is one solid, integrated piece that is installed in your kitchen or bathroom as a single unit. A coved backsplash is completely seamless, with no need for grout. This eliminates any place for mold or mildew to grow! Of the top countertops on the market today, coved backsplashes are only available in solid surface. You cannot get this wonderful feature with a stone product.

A coved backsplash does come with some added expense, which comes from the added time and expertise our certified fabricators put in to make the magic happen! A solid surface coved backsplash is truly a work of dedicated craftsmanship. You can see a glimpse of our fabricators at work in the video below.

For more information about solid surface backsplash options, or to see our huge range of colors, patterns, and styles available, stop by our new showroom today! We are located at 2014 Westside Court in Augusta, Georgia, just off Riverwatch Parkway between I-20 and Stevens Creek Road. We hope to see you soon!