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The heart of the American home is the kitchen. No longer just a room for cooking, the kitchen is where homework gets done, your family interacts during meal prep, you pay your bills (or socialize online) and the one place your friends always seem to gather.

Countertops are easily the most frequently touched surface in the kitchen. They should be warm to the touch, inviting in color and low maintenance. The material you choose should reflect your home’s character and your style of living.

Solid surface countertops are all these things and more. Sanitary and non-porous, it is often specified by restaurants, hospitals and schools for serving counters, exam rooms and windowsills.

Natural stone is porous and cool to the touch but is very unforgiving to overturned glasses and fragile china. Regular attention to the stone surface’s sealant is required to guard against stains and contamination from food sources.

Solid surface aesthetics range between dark earth and brilliant dawn with flecks, tones, swirls and delicate random veining. Metallic minerals in stone, wisps of cinnamon in agate, saffron ribbons in cream. The choice is yours.

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